Domestic Goddess
 / 2018

Series in progress in Amsterdam, IJburg / preview

In this series I’m exploring my ideas about creating and maintaining a ‘home’ whilst rooting in my own power with Universal forces as a source of inspiration. The role as an artist is mixing up with my household and that of a mother and woman. Am I seeing through the fabric of a curtain, or just being behind it? I find inspiration while moving freely, cleaning, dancing and organizing my home, it feels as natural to me as a walk in the forest after the rain. It brings me close to my heart, body and mind, where no thought, sense, dust, impact or smell is hidden. I share this emotional space with people closely surrounding me. In the Netherlands gender equality plays an important role. As an entrepreneur I feel empowered by caring and multitasking as a process. I’m not focused on the result that much. Things are changing and shifting continuously. I try to portray the dynamic between life, myself and our stuff. Am I off or on? Could my home be an art studio for personal performance?
Domestic Goddess plays with different interpretations of an international vocabulary; for people from western countries this title might refer to submissiveness whereas in other cultures it could stand for commitment from your inner beliefs, to achieve goals and fulfill desires. I’m translating this invisible space into images to embody new connections between between old/new, magic/the real and vulnerability/courage.