Untamed / 2020

The project Untamed (working title) aims to portray a creative inner spark of children, in a natural state of being, whilst playing outdoors in the yard, a field, around school, an attic at home or any other domesticated vs free zone.

This project shows a fine blend between a new/old photography style, which is rooted in fine art and my (former career in news media) documentary photography.

This first picture has been made of my daughter, while I had fever. Our house was a bit of a mess but me and Daleila got in tune with art and our heart, together. I asked her to open up for our artistic spirit in life: my photography and her talent in storytelling. I’m tuned in, to capture the essential nature of children, in a sincere and meaningful way. In sync with ‘another’ world, out of parental control and 9-5 stress.

This project could highlight similarities and differences between children in mixed neighborhoods in several countries, let’s start in Amsterdam (my hood) in the Netherlands. And see if we can travel to Tanzania, when the time is right to meet extended family members and connect to communities there.